Last Wednesday I tagged along with Leisa Stephenson MUA to a photographers meet-up in Sydney!
It was wonderful to meet so many photographers who's work I've admired for a quite a while, and I'm pretty sure I didn't stop talking to people all day! There were around 30 people there so unfortunately I didn't get to chat with everyone there, but I'm sure there'll be a next time! :)

We met up in Darling Harbour at about 10am and we all walked over to Circular Quay to catch a ferry to Cockatoo Island.
Cockatoo Island is SUCH an amazing place for photographs! Abandoned warehouses and all, think I might go back again and do another shoot when I have some spare time. :)

So I thought I'd share a few photos from the day... even though I didn't take a lot of images because I was so busy talking, LOL!

 Leisa and Lisa! Both EXTREMELY talented in make-up and photography. :)

 Circular Quay.

One of the warehouses on Cockatoo Island.

The lovely & talented photographer Chantelle Kemkemian!

Chantelle shooting.

The lovely Leisa again!

The talented photographer Caitlin Morey who modelled for a lot of the other photographers during the day!

Leisa and Chantelle modelling for me! :)

 Kiara Rose who organised the meet-up. :)

 Leisa doing her 'model' pose!

 Chantelle and Leisa. :)

 Seriously, the best weather ever! :)


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