Thought I should finally have more 'behind the scenes' posts on my blog, so I decided to do one for a couple of my recent shoots including the 'Antler' shoot, haha.

This was a collaboration between another photographer, (Katelyn Slyer) and myself.
We had so much fun throughout the day and were pretty much exhausted by the end of it. Granted I was the one that suggested we wake up before 5am for the shoot due to the really nice lighting, I think it was fair enough everyone blamed me for being tired! Haha. 

It was really nice to finally plan a shoot for early morning lighting, I usually plan them in the afternoon as that's also nice lighting, but you can definitely tell there's a difference. 
So most of the hair and make-up was done in my garage at about 5am, poor Leisa (the make-up artist) was extremely tired but managed to pull off some amazing hair and make-up styles. She was also the amazing person who managed, along with the help of her Dad, to create a headpiece for the antlers to be attached. 

The 'stuff' we had somewhat organised for the shoot sprawled over my garage floor, haha.

A photo of Katelyn about 20 mins before the sun started to come up. :)

Part of Leisa's amazing collection of make-up.

The models getting their hair and make-up done.

I must admit, the location we were able to shoot at was probably one of the best I've ever been to! 
Katelyn's parents own a farm near the ocean, and we were lucky enough to be able to shoot there. There was just so many different shooting spots around there, we almost had too much to choose from!

A photo of the farm.

So it ended up being a really lovely day, finally there was sunshine! It's been raining for most of our summer so far, it was great to finally have a good day for shooting. :)

Soon I'll most likely be starting on another project, hopefully something that will allow me to experiment more with photoshop and conceptual photography. I'm really really excited for it :)
In the meantime it'll be all magazine submissions and more fashion, fashion, fashion!! 

Just thought I'd leave you all with some more behind the scenes pictures:

Katelyn and I shooting, courtesy of Leisa.

The models, courtesy of Katelyn. :)

 Antler fight!

You can view Katelyn's other amazing work here:

- Kayleigh


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