Hello everyone! Hope you're all well :)

Thought I'd give you guys a bit of an update since my last blog post was just over a month ago already!

Some people may have noticed that I'm a bit 'MIA' recently, and I will admit that I have not been on the internet as much...
There has been quite a bit going on work-wise especially during January. See, I had a massive back-log of images from last year that I needed to finish and send off. I needed to have them all finished by the end of January as well as my correspondence travel course that I started 5 years ago and never completed! (That's a whole other story!)

So basically, I think I ended up doing one photo shoot in the whole month of January. Which was a bit depressing considering I had time off throughout the entire month and really couldn't organise too much.
Now I have started back at Tafe, and since this is the Diploma year, it's going to take up quite a bit of my time.
As I said on my Flickr though, I am determined to keep going with my 52 week project and to produce (hopefully) more conceptual work this year. I do have a couple of shoots planned over the next week or so which is awesome, so hopefully I will have a bit more work to show!
Also, only 10 days until I go overseas!! I will be collaborating with Gabrielle Angeline once again, so I'm very much looking forward to this trip to Hong Kong/China.
I will be posting regularly on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram so you can check there for updates. :)

SO anyway, I thought I'd post a quick summary of my 52 week project so far! I am posting most of the 52 week photos to my Flickr, but will also be regularly updating with summaries on here. :)

1/52 Australian Summer

2/52 Fires

3/52 Emily

4/52 Australia Day

5/52 Frida

6/52 Sticks and Stones

- Kayleigh x


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