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This is a blog post I've been meaning to write up since before I even travelled overseas. I'd love to do more travelling in the future so I'd love to do more blogging based on my travels.

On the 21st of February I left for Hong Kong with my family, (I also travelled to China this time around, but I will include that in the next blog post.)
This was my fourth time travelling to Hong Kong, I first travelled there in 2009 with one of my best friends and have tried to get back there as often as I could over the past couple of years. Due to money constraints though, I've only been able to save up generally once a year to go.

As I have travelled to many cities before, Hong Kong to me is certainly one of the most interesting and exciting cities I have ever been to. That's why I felt so compelled to write a blog post on it, separate to my travels throughout china.

So we woke up extremely early on the 21st, as usual we have to leave early to avoid traffic, especially driving through Sydney during peak hour T__T
Our flight took about 9 hours to HK from Sydney.

We arrived at about 5pm just as the sun was setting and as we were driving through to Langham place in Mongkok, we were able to see the city at night, it is truly AMAZING.

The first night we were so exhausted, so we just went downstairs to a pizza place within the hotel. I swear they make the best marghareita pizza EVER.

The next day we went on a tour of Hong Kong island, I'm pretty sure this was about the fourth time my mum and I have done this particular tour, but since my dad and brother hadn't been to Hong Kong before we decided to go on it again.
We visited, Stanley, Aberdeen and Victoria Peak. All of those areas are very lovely, however quite tourist based, so if you're looking to do shopping in those areas I probably wouldn't recommend it. Stanley markets have some amazing (and cheap!) artworks available for purchase though, I usually get one each time I go there! :)

This was actually the first time I've been to Victoria peak where it's been a clear day, which was awesome :)

When we had finished the tour, we all went back to the Langham place mall and did some shopping. The
mall is like, ridiculously big. Realistically, It's probably smaller compared to a lot of others in Hong Kong. But compared to shopping malls in Australia? Huge! And very busy.

The mall is a little more similar price wise to malls in Australia, so we don't tend to do A LOT of shopping there, but Newtown Mall/The Argyle Centre is one place that we always tend to find good deals at.
Think of it like a market mall, if you have ever been to Shenzhen across the border in China, it's like a mini version of that.

There are certain places within the centre that you can bargain at, but to be honest the prices are so low on certain products, there's not much point!
A lot of the goods are reasonable quality, which is another reason I like shopping there.
For example, I bought about 5 pairs of boots, each pair working out to be around $8 AUD on average. In Australia, any of those boots could have cost between $40-$80. Bargain!

The following day is when I had my collaboration with Gabrielle Angeline/Gail shamon. I hadn't seen her for nearly 2 years (I still can't believe it's been that long,) when she was only just starting out with photography, so this time around we did a photography collaboration mainly which was awesome!

We met up just before lunch time, after I missed the ferry over to discovery bay. T___T
Mum and I had lunch with Gail and her boyfriend at this lovely Korean restaurant, the first time we'd ever been to a Korean restaurant. So cooking our own food was definitely interesting, also my first time using chopsticks in quite a while, LOL. so that was fun :D

We had to go and buy some new memory cards before Lunch, and I was shocked at how much cheaper CF cards are in Hong Kong! Around half the price that they sell them for in Australia.

Afterwards we met up with the lovely model Catriona and the assistant for the day, Kasia.
We started to work on Gail's first concept which was part of a expansion image. It involved working with fire on a beach, guess who got to help hold the satin sheet drenched in flammable liquid? Yeeeepppp, didn't I feel special :D
So that was slightly terrifying at first, but when we started to realise that the sheet wasn't going to continue burning due to the wind and some other unknown factors, it wasn't so bad!
You can see the result from the shoot here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.479138158802322.1073741825.137396032976538&type=3

Afterwards we took turns in shooting the model Catriona and I started shooting Kasia the assistant, who had also modelled for Gail previously.

I managed to sneak in a few shots of Gail as well, she was being such a good sport, even got into the water and went semi naked in front of the entire beach. Haha, such a good model!

We moved onto a forestry area afterwards and took a few more shots of Kasia there before we had to say goodbye. :(
It was such an awesome day and I would love to collaborate with any one of those girls again.

We made our way back to Mongkok after that and chilled out for the evening.

The following morning we left very early for Beijing, it was a shame we only had such a short time in Hong Kong this time around, but I loved every moment of it and ill definitely be back again one day soon. :)

I will hopefully be posting on Beijing/the rest of China soon! Haha, this post is already so delayed (about 5/6 months late!)

- Kayleigh


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