Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a great night and have lots of motivation for all those new years resolutions! I know I certainly have some :)

I thought for the first blog post of the year, I'd show you guys some behind the scenes pictures from a lot of my shoots last year. I rarely ever do this and I want to show a lot more from behind the scenes on the shoots I do this year.

So we'll start off with one of the first photo shoots I did in 2012! (And also still one of my favourites!)

The 60s inspired Bondi Beach shoot!

I remember it was so hot that day, basically everyone went home with severe sunburn. Poor Bree had to wear several heavy coats throughout the day!

Had to add this photo because it was a hilarious random/awkward moment!!

                      These photos were from one of the first shoots I did with the lovely Alex Wallace.


Leisa the make-up artist/hair stylist scouting around for locations! :)

One of the coldest photo shoots I've been to so far! It was in dead-winter and we started at around 7/8am in the morning. Poor Alex!

These photos are from the first photography collaboration I ever did with the amazing Katelyn Slyer. :)

Katelyn and I checking out each other's photos! :)

One of the most interesting/fun shoots I've been able to do! We were standing on a corner of the Queen Victoria Building at night and it was so busy! But still, I rarely get to do photography at night, so it was definitely a lot of fun. :)

An awesome shoot that I had the chance to photograph for a lovely young designer named Zara. Beautiful styling work by Leah Thompson also!

A commissioned shoot I did with the lovely Eleanor, with help from Leisa of course!

Lion King? Lol.

This photo was from a shoot I did with Madeleine Levins earlier in the year. It was mainly for actress head shots, but we did some extra shots for my nightmares and dreams project. This is where Madeleine was supposed to be playing dead... sort of? :)

A photo shoot I did not too long ago with some amazing, creative individuals who travelled all the way from Canberra! Thanks again to Jolina, Hannah and Priya, a fantastic team! And of course to Leisa who made an excellent assistant on the day!

And the last bts photo is from another shoot I did not too long ago with the lovely ladies at Tussta Hair and Beauty. Another beautifully styled shoot by Leah Thompson. :)

And that's all! I have a few more behind the scenes photos at my facebook page if you want to see more: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kayleigh-June-Photography/137396032976538

Hopefully I will be doing blog posts almost weekly, posting photo shoots and more on my 52 week project that I will be doing this year. :)

Once again, Happy New Year everyone!!!

- Kayleigh


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