So just a quick update today since I haven't posted anything in four months! :)
I finally get some time to relax and not think too much about photography over the Christmas break. I think it's well needed for photographers from time to time considering they get more time to plan concepts and form new ideas. I know myself when I have a bit of paid work, I tend to stress! And sometimes when I stress I form concepts or ideas that I'm not completely happy with or that I don't really invest enough time into.

I had planned earlier this year to start a 365 day project on my Flickr account, but since I already have several projects in place at the moment, I've decided to start a 52 week project starting next week. :)
I feel with doing a project like this, it will continue to help me improve with my work and no matter if I have work to do that I'm not particularly inspired by, at least I'll have this project to push myself and try to do something artistic at least once a week!

I'm very much looking forward to my trip at the end of February to Hong Kong and China. It'll be my fourth time visiting Hong Kong and my first trip into the China mainland! SO excited.
I recently did get an acceptance letter for a Diploma of Photo Imaging course, which will also start in Feb next year. I haven't really decided whether I will do it or not, but I have a few weeks to make a decision.

And finally, I really want to start blogging more! I've told myself over the past years that it's something I want and need to do, and somehow I never find the time for it! OR I never find anything particularly interesting to say, haha.
Hopefully I will have a little more time over the Summer break to make new actions and curves, possibly even tutorials, but I'll see how I go! I'll also be able to blog more shoots with behind the scenes photos and extra photographs that I won't be able to post on Deviantart. :)

- Kayleigh


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