My fingers are actually quite numb while I'm typing this! I've spent the whole past three days editing photos, so I really need a break T___T
I've had a few amazingly fun photo shoots the last few weeks, and I've also gotten the chance to work with some really talented and creative people too.
But first, I'm going to express my frustration at how hard it was to find any old-style/vintage locations where I live! (Australia in general.) I suppose there's not much I can do, especially considering when you happen to live in a country that was only founded in the 1700's T_T
Fortunately though, there is an area with the sorts of locations I was after for one of my recent photo shoots, it just happened to be over an hour away from where a live. Another complication I had when trying to find a location is that when you actually DO find a location that seems too good to be true, the caretakers aren't willing to let you shoot there unless you pay them! Very frustrating.
I did happen however, to find a beautiful location just outside one of the local towns who automatically welcomed us to shoot on their property. They were so inviting, and on the day of the photo shoot couldn't help us out enough.

It had farmland, a French restaurant, antique store (which we were allowed to shoot in!) and a vineyard.

With Stephanie's amazing make-up skills, and April's fantastic modelling abilities, I feel like we were able to achieve some really great photos :)

I also went on another photo shoot a couple days beforehand with Oceana and Stephanie. Stephanie's skills came in to use once more, and it ended up being a really nice, relaxed photo shoot ^_^
Stephanie working her magic...

The end result :)


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