I've got quite a few shoots planned at the moment, a couple that I'm really excited about doing! ^_^
Hopefully going to do a Vintage/Bridal photo shoot within the next two weeks and a beach photo shoot on Monday.

I'm definitely feeling a bit busy also at the moment because I'm in two minds on whether to attend TAFE (college) this year. I applied originally for Graphic Design back in October of last year, and was put on stand-by earlier this month. So, thinking I was never going to get in, and resigning myself to the fact that Graphic Design just wasn't for me, I pursued photography even more.
A week ago I received a phone call from the TAFE saying that they were going to offer me a position in the Diploma of Graphic Design, and if I chose to go, I would need to pay $2000 within the following three days. Well, that just wasn't going to happen. Not just because of the money, but because I couldn't spend two years studying something I wasn't passionate about.
So now I've found out that they are finally offering photo imaging as a course this year, so I may apply for that and see how it goes. (Hopefully well!)

In the meantime I'll be planning for another trip to Singapore and Hong Kong hopefully in May, looking forward to it so so much. I have the travel bug way too bad! T_T

Anyway, just also wanted to mention how much I appreciate all the attention, especially on DeviantART. It's just so nice to know that people are viewing your work, and the compliments just give me even more motivation to pursue photography. So thank you!


  1. Just found your blog and lovin your work, keep it up.