So it's finally 2012 and I'm so excited for the photo shoots I have lined up! :)

I feel like I'll be working really hard this year with my photography, it's also my final year of college so I suppose I will be very busy as well. I can't say I'm really looking forward to going back this year, I questioned myself last year as to whether I would go back at all and decided in the end that I would. (Essentially it would have been a waste of money doing the course just for last year as I wouldn't have received any recognition for it.)

I honestly don't believe that a piece of paper is needed to be a successful photographer. I know plenty of people who have had uni degrees in photography and whose work has been knocked back countless times because their portfolio hasn't been up to scratch. It annoys me whenever people brag constantly about their education in photography, I think education is important to an extent, but in my opinion it's the work you produce that matters.

In other news I'm seriously just realising that I need my drivers license! I'm nearly 21 and I still don't have one.
Considering I will most likely need to travel for work opportunities in the future as Wollongong provides next to nothing as far as photographic jobs are concerned. Lets just hope I pass the test T___T

As for upcoming photo shoots, I'll be doing a 60s editorial test shoot at Bondi next week, and hopefully a Marie Antoinette inspired shoot sometime soon. I have a couple of others over the next week or so, you can keep updated on my Facebook photography page:

Hope everyone had a lovely New Years!! :)

- Kayleigh.


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